Bali Vacation
Plan your next vacation in the ‘Island of the gods’, Bali, Indonesia. Yes ! Bali, the most exotic island on the planet,it is the ultimate vacation spot and it is unbelievably affordable; much less then a trip to your typical US themepark and no place has as much to offer as Bali.
Bali has something for everyone relax on the white beaches of Sanur, theme parks, shop in the high fashion district of Kuta, explore the rain forest, scuba dive or snorkel in coral reef ,or sightsee temples built 1500 years ago.
Tourists are shocked that Bali is such an affordable family vacation.Bali Food is picked or caught and seved the same day. The food is fresh and delicious and very inexpensive stretching the family budget. Lobster, fish , prawn dinner is about 4-8 dollars, lunch and breakfast is about ½ the price. Bali money is the Rupiah you will find a very favorable exchange rate making Bali a more affordable vacation destination.

bali has attractions for the entire family starting with the theme parks some are not only entertaining but educational . 1. Bird and reptile park
2. Bali Zoo

3. Elephant Safari Park

4. Waterbom

5. Botanical Gardens

6. Treetop Adventure Park

7. Butterfly Park

Bali bird and Reptile Park Bali Safari and marine park Description of image
Bali Bird and Reptile Park and has hundreds of tropical birds and the reptile park has reptile only seen in Bali THE Komodo. Bali Safari and Marine Park will take all day to see all the Exotic animals. Waterbom is every kids dream! Tons of water slides and short lines The kids will love it like mine.

Bali Adventure
Bali one of few places left in the world where you can explore a Rain forest, Snorkel and Scuba dive the coral reef, para sailing,rent mopeds,and Bali has one of the best Surfing in the world.

UluWatu Sanur boat bali shopping
UluWatu has a temple with many monkeys and a spectacular White monkey Fire dance .. Sanur is very quiet town, the offering boats rides to scuba,sorkling and Lendongan Island. Shopping you will find the best deals are from the small shops in Sanur.

Flights to Bali

Treat your family to the greatest most memorable family vacation they will ever have. I won’t tell you are saving a bundle on the trip.