For most people, Jakarta is the entry point for your Indonesian adventure. For some, the trip is already planned out, with a rigid itinerary. For others, Jakarta is a place to make a decision – where to next?

But perhaps consider Jakarta as a destination in itself, worthy of a few days to soak it all in. We all know about the crippling traffic, but where else could you find all of the amazing, unique foods from around the country all in one place? Where else can you get to experience an Asian megacity in relative safety and where the locals are often still fascinated with visitors. It’s easy to make friends in Jakarta, and it’s easy to find an adventure.

There are a few stops on a whirlwind sightseeing tour worth a look – the old town, the wooden ships at Sunda Kelapa, and the museums and grand buildings around the national monument. But our advice would be to just go and get lost, find your own adventure, meet the people, stop and eat the food.

And while expensive, the nightlife is comparible to any western capital city. For visitors with a bit of money to spend, the high end hotels are relatively cheap and there are numerous world-class fine-dining options in town.

It does take time, and some people never end up loving Jakarta – it’s just not their thing – but for most people there is a great deal of fun to be had in Indonesia’s capital.