Here is Sumatra

Hardly any places around the world sound so exotic and get the juices flowingby enticing the creative ability with the draw of experience like the very wild place that is known as Sumatra. An island of remarkable variety and extremes, it has some of the rarest animals on the planet, some of the most diverse land and sea ecosystems, and some of the most spectacular places to visit in Indonesia. Ruled in part by its techtonic activiuty, Sumarta is on far too few peoples ‘to do’ list!

As shifted as the land, the general population of Sumatra are a zesty stock of blended societies, from the ardent Muslims in Aceh to the Batak Christians around Danau Toba and the matrilineal Minangkabau of Padang. All are bound together by a dread, regard and love of the wild and wondrous place that is known for Sumatra.

Steaming volcanoes mix and rave while standing gatekeeper over lakes that sluggishly lap the edges of holes. Orang-utan-filled wildernesses have our red-haired cousins, as well as tigers, rhinos and elephants. Furthermore, down adrift level, ideal forsook shorelines are besieged by clear barrels of surf.