Cars in Bali

Bali drivers

Bali drivers are they key to getting the most out exploring Bali. When you hire a Bali driver relax they know everything you want to explore ,the best places to eat, where to shop and they inform their clients on everything Bali.

Bali tour will charge 35-45 USD or 23 – 30 Euros for a 9 -12 hour day. Bali drivers will work on you schedule ;making car rental more hassle than it is worth. Bali drive tour is much cheaper than car rental. Even though, driving is easier than Jakarta it’s not worth car rental; because sightseeing and driving don’t mix. Also, in Bali drives on the right side. If you haven’t driven on the right side, a rental car in a foreign country is not the place to learn.

Bali driver tour guide Ubud

Ubud is the mecca of Balinese art and craftwork and will take a couple of days to explore. There are a few Balinese dancing done through the day and at dusk. Silver and Gold smiths wood carvings, sculptures I thought was expensive even with the 50% discount and 70% discount for Indonesians ( ps bring the driver- hehehe), there is Egg painting, and a museum/studio that has 100’s if not thousands of paintings, at ridiculously low prices and the famous rice fields.

Coffee, Cocoa, Spice , Rice Peppers are all grown in Balinese style . The coffee and tea is picked and roasted on premise . Here is the opportunity to get very fresh spices. In fact the famous Kopi Luwak the coffee is 55 USD even in Indonesia. The bean is consumed, by a brown raccoon looking creature, and since the animal can’t digest it ,the beans comes out the other end of the animal. Then bean is clean ( I assume) and roasted. They offer a drink along with their other teas, cocoa and other coffee grown there. Then there are the volcanoes. Kintamani Volcano is in Ubud . There is a restaurant that has tea and fresh fruit ,soup and and well stocked all you can eat buffet for only 5 Euros or 10 USD. They view is spectacular.Bring a sweater you are pretty high 1717 m = 5633.202 ‘up so kinda cool.Ubud sacred monkey Forrest , I can’t imagine finding anyplace in Ubud without a driver. This place is good to in afternoon the monkey are active and lot of shade trees. Barong dancing – there are several places the driver will know where to go to see bali dancing.Temples there are so many temples one more amazing then the other sorting through which one, well the bali driver will guide you.

Bali driver tour guide Tabanan

There is a lot here, Tanah lot – The famous Tanah lot temple and the famous Tanah lot art festival. Our driver heard of a restaurant on edge of a cliff on Tanah lot it was Delicious. The fish was in a tank it doesn’t get any fresher.

Bali butterfly park, monkey forest and tons of shopping . More rice fields. The more expensive hotels are here.

Bali driver tour guide Uluwatu , Denpasar Jambaran

These can be done in a day with good planning. Denpasar is good for shopping Batik cloth is found here. Batik is like very colorful Hawaiian shirt type design. Really expensive in Jakarta. Your driver will find the best stores.

Uluwatu has the temple watch out for the monkey and at dusk there is the famous fire dance it is an hour long.

Don’t forget to go to Jambaran for dinner on the beach.

Bali driver tour guide the Theme parks

There are so many theme parks in Bali for the kids and adults alike. There is Bird park,reptile park it was combined this year, Elephant rides, Bali waterbom park,Bali waterbom park ,Bali Zoo to name a few . Your driver will know where they are and how to maximize you time. Enjoy a Bali driver tour guide it truly is the only way to see Bali. They know the Island they live there and you only have 2 weeks to get the most out Bali on a comfortable stress free pace. You will always remember your driver,for your stay in paradise he is your guide.