Gettind married and marrying an Indonesian

Indonesian marriage requirements
Indonesian marriage requirements :

There is much outdated information on Indonesian marriages. As of 2009 the rules are as follows :

1. There are no non-religious marriages. The state/country doesn’t perform marriages.

2. There are no mixed religious marriages.Both parties must believe in the same religion. You can change or convert religion when you get to Indonesia.

3.Non-Indonesians/ foreigners must go to their Embassy and get a affidavit stating they are not married and are able to marry.

4. The Indonesian getting married must make a report to the police. Not to worry I Indonesian’s know all about this.

5. The Indonesian getting married must make report to the civil office registry. The cost should be about 200.00 some pay a lot more ( more on that later ) . Indonesians marry another Indonesian pay 35.00.

6. Finally , The marriage, must be a religious ceremony. Can be performed in a religious building temple,church,mosque or in your spouse’s house

7. Optional honeymoon in Bali !

Tips for smooth indonsia marriage

Tips — from my Indonesian marriage experience
As a foreigner marrying an Indonesian, you will find so much outdated, inaccurate information out in the internet and even in Indonesia. As of my marriage in May 2009 , here are the steps that need to be done and in this order,for a smooth Indonesian marriage with a foreigner.

The most import step in a smooth indonesia marriage, go the the embassy, first and early. When you get to Indonesia go to your Embassy. Yes, I had to put in twice. You WILL NEED the affidavit showing you are not married and eligible for marriage do this first, PLEASE , you will thank me later !

Also, while at embassy, if you are US citizen pick up the i-130 to bring you wife to USA. If you are from another country,still go to your embassy you will need the affidavit and check for requirement to bring your spouse home. Also, some countries want you to register the marriage with the embassy.

The next step you will need passport photos for the conversion certificate and the marriage books,one book for you and the other book for your spouse. There are Fuji photo places all over Jakarta and Indonesia. They will make pictures in an hour.

If you are not the same religion you have to convert. Indonesian are 90+ % Islam, if your spouse is Islam, you will need to convert to Islam. Converting to Islam takes 2 hours; which even includes the ceremony. You will get a certificate. Touchy issue,if you didn’t get circumcised it’s a requirement;but no one will inspect. Congratulations !

Next, time to go to police to file report.

Get ready for the Islam wedding ceremony: Indonesian jewelry sizes are different so get rings there. Remember, Muslim men can’t wear gold,but your wife can. I gave bangle bracelets for dowry but that is between you and your spouse.

Now you are ready for the ceremony !

The Imam who performs the ceremony will need your conversion certificate and photos.

Then, your Indonesian spouse, will know where you have to go, to the civil registry office and report the marriage. They will need the affidavit from the embassy,conversion certificate and the marriage book. Don’t go to this person until you have done the other steps or this can get expensive. Just have all your paperwork go to embassy first !

Get an early start, follow the steps as outlined in the exact order. I did it with the help of my wife and family in two days.