Indonesia laws you should know

Indonesian laws tourist should know
Laws tourist should know before going to Indonesia
1. Drug trafficking is punishable by death I wouldn’t challenge it

2. Gambling is illegal

3. Indonesia has a statute of limitations on crimes, in Indonesia’s case it is just 3 years

4. Do not stay beyond your visa for a Visa on Arrival 30 days is ok, each day after 30 days is 20/day for 30 days then it can be jail or a fine.

5. Don’t give to beggars it’s a fine – I doubt anyone would do anything but it’s a law.

6. The Indonesian child protection law imposes up to 15 years in prison for those convicted of engaging in sexual contact with a child

7. Under Indonesian law, you must carry identification

8. To drive in Indonesia, you will require an Indonesian or international driver’s license.

9. You should obey signs that prohibit photography. If in doubt, seek advice from local officials. Especially in the shopping Malls, blok.M, the Ritz Carlton, and stock exchange they don’t allow cameras security will tell you to put it away.

10. only an Indonesian can purchase land in Indonesia don’t get scammed
11. Three regions in Indonesia that you cannot visit without special permission and approval are Aceh, Maluku, and Irian Jaya. If you plan to enter one of these restricted regions, you must obtain special authorization from Indonesian authorities.