Money Matters

Indonesia information : Money
Indonesian money is called Rupiah.

The denominations of the bills are in the thousands.

Bills : 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000 20,000 50,000 100,000

Coins : 100, 200, 500, 1000

I don’t recommend travelers checks beause :

ATM machines are practically on every corner. The ATM’s don’t have a service charge,you only have to pay your banks ATM usage charge.Since your currency is more valuable then Indonesian currency it is better to tip using Indonesian currency. When purchasing crafts you currency will go further using Indonesian currency. Also, safety and security I think it’s easier to get Rupiah from ATM rather then carrying many checks.

Indonesia information: Airport
At the airport , there are ‘rogue’ drivers they wont hurt you just overcharge you. They look for the tourist ,we are very easy to spot, they appear very friendly and helpful.
After passing through your VOA , visa on arrival go to baggage and have porter take you to the Blue ( they use Yaris cabs) bird cab, or Silver ( they are more expensive Mercedes cabs ) bird it should cost about 15 usd to go to Center city.

Once we were stuck in traffic it was a 4 day holiday 2 ½ hour trip cost only 22.00 usd.

Indonesia information : Tipping
Tipping this is when it’s good to have indonesian rupiah
Taxi driver :Just round up the meter to the next 20,000

Wiatress :Meals are so cheap percentage doesn’t work well so 1 -2 dollars a person

Hairdresser: 2 dollars

Maid : not necessary but a few dollars is nice , they give extra towels and water. Remember only drink the bottled water. or boil that water in hotel.

Massage : 2 – 5 dollars

Indonesia information : Transportation
Depending on where you are going and the time of the day some are better . During rush hour and you are going a short distance take the Motor Rickshaw called BAJAI, they are fast and can go between cars. Cost is less and a dollar.
Travelling longer distance but just within the city, during traffic, maybe from old Jakarta to block.m , take the bus they have their own lanes and can go faster than a car.

Motorcycle great for short trips they are usually at the train stations .cost is minimal about a dollar

Trains are great they are very cheap , they are electric and diesel . The electric has Air conditioning and usually empty . Going to bintaro or Tangerang is fast and cheap.

Planes I would only go on indonesia garuda , there have many local discount airlines but for safety ,comfort, and leaving on time no one is

indonsia information : Food
Don’t worry about eating any crazy food here. I was hoping to loose weight. It didn’t work, everything is so fresh. Fresh fruit and vegetables are very plentiful. The meats eaten here are mostly seafood, beef, chicken ,and lamb. Many people from around the world live in Indonesia so there is food from every country . There are also chain restaurants from USA and Australia , Singapore and Japan. The French are will represented by several pastry shops like Breadtalk and JC donuts.
Indonsia information : Language
Worried about not speaking the language ? Not, to worry Indonesia is tourist country millions come here every year not speaking a word. Many people here speak multiple languages. However, there are some really cheap computer based courses that teach you thousands of words and conversations, you can learn while on the airplane.
Indonesia Information : Diarrhea
Don’t drink the water. At the hotel make sure the water comes to a roaring boil before mixing the coffee. Ice is ok as the germs are gone at freezing point. But once the ice melts throw away toss it.
Unfortunately Diarrehea happens at the worse time.Not that there is a good time .

Many travelers get it from being extremely tired,the days before a vacation can be hectic checking the luggage ,passport,etc…remember to sleep and don’t keep everything for the last minute. Also, if you forgot anything don’t worry they have it there.

Some signs are : Sweating excessively

Soft/liquid bowel movement

Clammy skin


Abdominal pain

When you have it

Avoid, for a few days, foods high in sugar and foods rich in fiber,milk and other dairy products, fruits, green vegetables, and fatty or spicy foods.

Rehydrate yourself there is an Japanese drink Pocari Sweat, or bottled water or Gatorade

Cure :

I would bring a bottle of apple cider vinegar.

Take about a tablespoon in 8oz of water 3 times a day with each meal. Should work

Another solution :


You can pick it up at any pharmacy most malls have pharmacy.