Recommended books on Indonesia

  1. Lonely Planet Indonesia (5th Ed)
  2. Into the Heart of Borneo (Vintage Departures)
  3. Bali Handbook
  4. Knopf Guide Bali (Knopf Guides)
  5. Shooting the Boh : A Woman’s Voyage Down the Wildest River in Borneo (Vintage Departures)
  6. Diving and Snorkeling Guide to Bali and the Komodo Region
  7. Lonely Planet Islands in the Clouds : Travels in the Highlands of New Guinea (Serial)
  8. Culture Shock!: Indonesia
  9. Fielding’s Asia’s Top Dive Sites : The Best Diving in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand
  10. Fielding’s Surfing Indonesia : Fielding’s In-Depth Guide to Boarding on the World’s Largest Archipelago
  11. Borneo Rain Forest
  12. Eat Smart in Indonesia : How to Decipher the Menu Know the Market Foods & Embark on a Tasting Adventure (Eat Smart Series, No. 3)
  13. Insight Guides Bali
  14. Ring of Fire : An Indonesian Odyssey
  15. Rough Guide Bali & Lombok (Bali & Lombok (Rough Guide))
  16. Insight Pocket Guides Sabah Borneo
  17. Lonely Planet Indonesia (Lonely Planet Indonesia, 6th Ed)
  18. Fodor’s Indonesia (Fodor’s Indonesia, 1999)
  19. Fielding’s Diving Indonesia : A Guide to the World’s Greatest Diving
  20. Fielding’s Birding Indonesia : Fielding’s In-Depth Guide to Birding on the World’s Largest Archipelago
  21. Indonesia Handbook
  22. Indonesia Handbook (2nd Ed)
  23. The Rough Guide to Indonesia, 1st edition
  24. Mentawai Shaman : Keeper of the Rain Forest : Man, Nature, and Spirits in Remote Indonesia
  25. Traveler’s Bali Companion
  26. The Dive Sites of Indonesia (Serial)
  27. Insight Guides Indonesia
  28. Wild People : Travels With Borneo’s Head-Hunters
  29. Aceh : Art and Culture (Images of Asia)
  30. Indonesia Travel Atlas (Periplus Travel Atlas Series)
  31. South East Asia Golf Guide : The Top 250 Courses in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand
  32. The Treasures and Pleasures of Indonesia : Best of the Best (Impact Guides)
  33. Insight Pocket Guides Bali
  34. Lonely Planet Java: Travel Survival Kit
  35. Lonely Planet Java (Lonley Planet Java, 2nd Ed)
  36. Spice Islands : Exotic Eastern Indonesia (3rd Ed)
  37. Maverick Guide to Bali and Java (2nd Ed)
  38. Beyond Slash and Burn : Building on Indigenous Management of Borneo’s Tropical Rain Forests (Advances in Economic Botany, Vol 11)
  39. East Timor : Island in Turmoil (World in Conflict)
  40. Passport Indonesia
  41. The Beginners Guide to Bali
  42. Indonesia (Indonesia (Odyssey), 3rd Ed)
  44. Java
  45. Indonesia (Festivals of the World)
  46. Cultural Sites of Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia
  48. This Is Indonesia
  50. Indonesia Pocket Guide
  51. Indonesia : Design and Culture
  52. Diving Southeast Asia : A Guide to the Best Dive Sites in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand (Periplus Action Guides)
  54. Surfing Indonesia (Periplus Action Guides)
  55. Adventuring in Indonesia : Exploring the Natural Areas of the Pacific’s Ring of Fire (Sierra Club Adventure Travel Guide)
  56. Sulawesi : Islands Crossroads of Indonesia (Passport’s Regional Guides to Indonesia)
  57. Lonely Planet Jakarta (Lonely Planet Travel Survival Kit)
  58. Diving Indonesia : A Gudie to Worlds’s Greatest Diving (Periplus Action Guides)
  59. Get Around in Indonesia : The All-In-One Travel and Language Guide (Get Around In)
  60. East of Bali : From Lombok to Timor (Passport’s Regional Guides of Indonesia)
  61. A Fragile Nation : The Indonesian Crisis
  62. A Photographic Guide to the Birds of Borneo
  63. Culture Shock!: Borneo
  64. Borneo: Journey Into the Tropical Rainforest
  65. Over Indonesia : Aerial Views of the Archipelago
  66. Balinese Architecture (Discover Indonesia Series)
  67. Bali: Indonesia Regional Map
  68. Balinese Worlds
  69. Magic and Mystics of Java
  70. Java; A Traveller’s Anthology
  71. Making Indonesia (Studies on Southeast Asia)
  72. Exploring the Islands of Indonesia Travelers’ Experiences Off the Beaten Path (Passport’s Regional Guides of Indonesia)
  73. Indonesia: Country Travel Map
  74. The Flow of Life : Essays on Eastern Indonesia (Harvard Studies in Cultural Anthropology ; 2)
  75. Splendid Symbols : Textiles and Traditions in Indonesia
  76. Passport’s Illustrated Travel Guide to Bali & Java (Passport’s Illustrated Travel Guide to Bali & Java, 1995)
  77. Indonesia Malaysia and Singapore Handbook, 1996
  78. Bali/Island of Grace (Asian Guide)
  79. Javanese Lives : Women and Men in Modern Indonesian Society
  80. Balinese Flora & Fauna (Discover Indonesia Series)
  81. Discover Indonesia : Balinese Temples (Discover Indonesia Series)
  82. Jakarta: Indonesia Regional
  83. Tickling Catfish: A Texan Looks At Culture From Amarillo To Borneo (Wardlaw Book)
  84. Java: Indonesia Regional
  85. Indonesia Sumatra, Java, Bali, Lombok, Sulawesi : Nelles Guide
  86. National Geographic Indonesia Map : Tubed 31′ X 20 1/4′
  87. Bandung: Indonesia Regional
  88. Yogyakarta: Indonesia Regional
  89. On the Road Again to the Far East-Fabulous Food-Fantastic Fun-Fascinating Travel Adventures : Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand-Via Plane, Ship
  90. Rituals and Relationships in the Valley of the Sun : The Ketengban of Irian Jaya (International Museum of Cultures Publications, No 30)
  91. Java : Garden of the East (Passport’s Regional Guides of Indonesia)
  92. Spice Islands : Exotic Eastern Indonesia (Passport’s Regional Guides of Indonesia)
  93. Essential Bali and Jakarta (Essential Travel Guide)
  94. Get Around in Indonesia : The All-In-One Travel and Language Guide (Get Around In)
  95. Indonesia/Malaysia
  96. Dancing Shadows of Bali : Theatre and Myth
  97. Makassar Sailing (Oxford in Asia Paperbacks)
  98. Trek Across Indonesia
  99. Bintan: Indonesia Regional
  100. Lonely Planet Indonesia