flying in Indonesia

Safe air travel

Indonesia is a big place and there are multiple airlines operating. With such large distances to cover , air travel is really the only viable option unless you want to spend days on a boat. Which some people want to do.

Air traveling especially long flights is the most dreading part of the traveling. It requires safe air travel guide and required info before you take a venture for such journey. Following safe air travel guide info will help you plan for travel services and make journey low in cost, safe and pleasant. Therefore, Keep into mind these safe air travel info.

Travel services provide tickets at cheap prices too. For that you need make a good and thorough search to find air ticket at discounted price. Mostly online air travel services provide ticket at low price; it is preferable to buy tickets online.

Safe travel guide info would provide you ample information about how to lessen wearing down physical and mental stress during long air travels. Few of the things you must keep into mind to avoid the fatigue associated with long air travels. Buy your ticket little earlier than required it will give the freedom to choose seat of your choice. It is possible to find comfortable seat in economy class too. You can find your comfortable seat by defining priorities, for example if you want have a wider lag space, you can choose front seat or the one closer to the emergency exit door. If you want to sit in pace where you can access toilet easily, do get seat on walkway. Sitting near the window gives you the benefit of resting your head while you sleep. So, find your comfortable seat lest they are reserved. Do not forget to take all the needed provisions for the travel like some moisturizing lotion, chewing gums and water etc. They help you lot in time of need, for example there is dry air inside air, you might need the lotion or the like to keep your hand and face moisturized. Since it is long journey, you might need some water to keep you hydrated. Other than this, having chew gum is to avoid your ears from blocking due to differential air pressure around; it also keeps your breath fresh. Also keep some interesting magazine or book to read or you can also carry Mp3 to keep you engaged innerve taking long journey.

Some other common discomforts during the travel can be cramping of muscles due to long sitting and some soft support to relax your back or neck. Do take walk on walkway when you feet your feet got numb or you need to stretch your muscles. Other than this do take advantage of the available pillow by keeping it behind neck or lower back to feel comfortable. Do not forget to take something to munch like chips or some snacks to eat.

Pack your luggage well; it should include almost everything that you might need, from clothing to medicines of headache and bad stomach. Do put a tag on your luggage to help find it soon when you collect it after travel. Failing this may prove cumbersome in finding your luggage.

Hence, safe air travel guide news and information is pre requisite before you leave for the travel.